'At your own pace' Virtual Camps

Age 3 through TEENS...
Jump into hours of creativity with our unique Virtual Creativity Camps!  All materials are delivered right to your door, and if you have siblings, just grab an extra kit!


"Our daughter has loved Roots + Wings' Virtual Summer camp!  It's been so much fun to watch along and craft with her during the engaging video content provided - a rare glimpse into R+W's unparalleled world for parents."
Turner and Spencer 
"Giant high five to the Roots + Wings crew!  Thank you for such an awesome week and after experiencing this, we may be back for more!  My oldest has attended several camps in the past and I am so fortunate we have made this connection for them!"

Our Unique Approach

Because we know many parents (and kids) are overdosed with screen time, our online content offerings are not hours of videos and screen time.  Super awesome for kids to do with babysitters, grandparents and friends who live in other cities!
You kids will love the materials, videos, extra challenges - ALL OF IT!

Details on our 'at your own pace' virtual camp experience!

Our current virtual camp packages include all of the following...

  • Over 10+ hours of creative explorations!  2 project ‘start’ videos each day - but remember: you can decide when to watch them! (teaching about the process / concept, then the students will use time after watching to create...for hours!)
  • A specialized Creativity kit full of awesomeness! Our kit is packed with even more materials just for each camp (we can mail it to you OR you can come pick it up at our R+W Creative Campus in Asheville)  
  • It's a 'go at your own pace' speed - do it in a week, pack it into a weekend or spread it out over a month!
  • BOTH Collections of our Online Brainstorm Ideas lists to use anytime!!! 

'At your own pace' Virtual Creativity Camps - Ages 3-6

Dream + Discover Explorations

Our littlest makers will have so much fun exploring all kinds of artistic mediums as they draw, paint, experiment, build and even grow flowers!  

Fairy Tail Magic and Wonderlands

Our littlest makers will explore magical wonderlands + fairy tales!  We will engage our curiosity and imagination to create and invent fascinating stories + constructions. 

Helicopters, Blimps and Things that Fly

Join in as we zoom through the air far and wide to lands we have never seen before!  We will dive deep into our creative minds as we dream up wild flying machines and the sky-scrapers they fly through!  

Magnificent Masks, Hats and Portraits

Jump in for a week experimenting with faces, heads and fun expressions! We will get our hands dirty with all kinds of materials exploring how we can create moods, emotions, and even tell stories just through our faces. 

Colors, Colors, Colors

Join us as we dive into the world of color!
We will be experimenting with all kinds of mediums and techniques to create as many variations of color we possibly can
There will be no end to our exploring!

Brave Creatures of Snowy Lands

Venture into this week with us as we get to know the many inhabitants of beautifully snowy lands. We will travel the world as we discover these brave creatures: big, small and everything in between! 

Captivating Cities and Wee Worlds

We are going big AND small this week as we design, inhabit and create built environments of all kinds.
We will draw, paint, print and build!  There is no end to the possibilities!

Fabulous Puppets and Amazing Stories

Get ready for the many faces, voices and legends that will culminate this week! We will have so much fun creating puppets of all kinds that help share our stories of all kids. There is no end to the fun!

'At your own pace' Virtual Creativity Camps - Grades 1-5

Dream + Discover Explorations

Our older kiddos will be experimenting with all kinds of mediums as they explore the world of dreams and new possibilities - including taking time to reflect each day through this week-long journey

Myths, Manuscripts and Lively Legends

Our Elementary age students will jump-start summer taking inspiration from the worlds of mythology and legend. We will study manuscripts, architecture, and many stories along with creating our own versions.

Ingenious Inventions and Creative Construction

Be ready to go big as we learn about inventions and architecture from around the world. We will be inspired by both current and past builders of awesome places and things as we create our own wonders of the world! 

Magical Movie Making

This week is all about telling stories through movies! There is something for everyone here - even the shy ones - as we develop characters, costumes, set design and more.  This camp combines a smart phone, tablet or camera + computer with huge amounts of creativity to = tons of fun!!!

Worldy Explorations and Discoveries of Nature

Come on a global expedition inspired by explorations and discoveries from long ago and just yesterday. The many discoveries of the natural world will be our guide, activating our every step as we draw, paint, print + more! 

Art Heroes, Visionaries, Virtuosos and Colossal Creators

This week is inspired by the many heroes of the art + design world. We will learn about past and present creators creating change in our world, challenging us humans to be our best we can be, and saving the earth!

'At your own pace' Virtual Creativity Camps - Age 3 to Grade 5

Mixed Media

Join in as we play with combining different artistic mediums and materials. Ohhhh...there are so many possibilities!

Nature Construction Explorations

Jump into a week of all things nature!  There is no end to what we will create!

Water + Color

This week of camp explores all kinds of techniques that combine water and color...seriously there is no end to what might happen!

Sketch + Draw

Follow the line to an amazing week of explorations and discoveries through mark making, sketching and drawing!

Paper + Tape

Grab all those paper scraps and any kind of tape - and be ready to explore all kinds of creations!   There is no doubt that your kiddos will be exploring for hours each day!

'At your own pace' TWEEN / TEEN Design Studios - age 10+

52 Days of Summer

We will use a deck of 52 cards over 52 days using super quick videos to begin our creative explorations.  There are ENDLESS creative possibilities.  Create at your own pace...take 52 days, or 52 months or ??  What are you waiting for?!

See + Tell: Storyboards + Moviemaking

Learn about the elements of drafting, designing, and creating a movie!  We will work with all sort of art and design mediums, developing ideas into characters, storyboards, props, scenes, and costume - ultimately creating our very own movie. 

Art about it - Creative Journaling + Book Explorations

Join us as we explore using your voice through art in journaling and books. We will be working with both 2D and 3D techniques to design unique journals and altered books that inspire words to flow freely and easily.
Connect with us at the Roots + Wings Creative Community anytime:  info@rootsandwingsarts.com  or  828-378-4140
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