BEcoming YOU by Roots + Wings

BEcoming YOU

a monthly creative recharge

Take a moment and find some space for YOU.  Join us on this journey - from ANY location - and re-boot your creative spirit...just as you are.  You deserve it!
No artistic experience is necessary.

*includes a a BEcoming YOU sketchbook and videos of various artistic processes that offer jumping off points for exploration.

What's included?

Access to twelve videos
(each video shares a variety of artistic processes for exploration) 
BEcoming YOU sketchbook
(designed and created by our director, Ginger Huebner). 
Let BEcoming YOU be that nudge to get you inspired each month. 

What's included? 12 videos and a BEcoming YOU Sketchbooks

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 1 file


Welcome to BEcoming YOU
3.8 MB
BEcomingYOU intro
2 mins
BEcoming YOU 1 - Awakening
14 mins
BEcoming YOU 2 - Becoming
23 mins
BEcoming YOU 3 - Resilience
18 mins
BEcoming YOU 4 - Connection
12 mins
BEcoming YOU 5 - Say it
6 mins
BEcoming YOU 6 - Love Deep
13 mins
BEcoming YOU 7- Think BIG
5 mins
BEcoming YOU 8 - Share your gifts
13 mins
BEcoming YOU 9 - Listen
6 mins
BEcoming YOU 10 - Magic
15 mins
BEcoming YOU 11 - Expansion
8 mins
BEcoming YOU 12 - Live Fully
7 mins
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