Creative Ideas Brainstorm Catalog - Collection 2 by Roots + Wings

Creative Ideas Brainstorm Catalog - Collection 2

This collection of over 40 prompts for people of all ages to explore, build, record, connect, experiment, be inspired and invent!  Combined with our fun video shorts, there are hours of play to be had..

Take a peek at a sample video!

We have a few videos to go along with each of our Creative Ideas Brainstorm Collections...just to give you an extra boost on your adventures!

What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos


Pop up cards
4 mins
Imaginary Animals
8 mins
Artist Trading Cards
4 mins
Create Your Own Art Gallery
7 mins
Recycled Material Wind-chime
5 mins
Wildflower Bouquet
19 mins
Drawing what you hear
3 mins
Food Superhero Trading Cards
3 mins
Making Puppets With Drawings
4 mins
Create your own currency
8 mins
Water+Paintbrush Outside
6 mins
Recycled Glass Lantern Fun
7 mins
Blind Contour Drawing
3 mins
Invention with recycled material that makes the world a better place
10 mins
Earth Day Scavenger Hunt
4 mins
Make your own Paintbrush
8 mins
Recycled Mandala
13 mins
Paper plate pinball
4 mins
Window Art
12 mins