K-5 Creative Explorations - Collection 2 by Roots + Wings

K-5 Creative Explorations - Collection 2

Inspired art and design experiences for our elementary age makers!  Our collections include:
  • 20 engaging instructional videos by our amazing instructors (videos are under 10 min, but lead your child to hours of creating OFF screen)
  • Two of our weekly LIVE classes
  • A Creative Kit mailed right to your door  
We cannot wait to see what will be discovered, invented, created and shared!  Scroll down for more!

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Our K-5 Creative Explorations FUN 5 Packs!  These are smaller collections of 5 videos (pulled from our collection of 20 above) if that feels like a better option for your family!   
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Each video comes with a list of what materials we will be exploring with...  

What's included? Along with the 20 videos and kit, our LIVE Zoom calls are offered on Wednesdays at 1:30pm - subscribers will receive a coupon to register for 2 LIVE sessions!

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Daily videos for makers ages 6 to 10ish: each video lists materials we will be using!

READ ME! WELCOME! Jump right into our Creative Explorations AND let us know where to send your Creativity Kit!
Altered Book Poem
10 mins
Romare Bearden Collage
15 mins
Josef Albers Homage to the Square Inspirations
14 mins
Paper Stained Glass Window
12 mins
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Making
13 mins
Structure Inspired By BuckMinster Fuller
11 mins
Stop Motion Animation
8 mins
Can It Float? Lets Make a Boat!
10 mins
Paper Chain Positivity
10 mins
I Am Affirmations
12 mins
Relief Sculpture
12 mins
EXTRA Relief Sculpture Challenge
13 mins
Discovering, Identifying and Illustrating Plants, Birds & Constellations
10 mins
Perspective Intro
17 mins
One Point Perspective with Scale
8 mins
Eric Carle Inspired Finger Paint Animal Collages
8 mins
Fun with Pointillism
8 mins
Romero Britto Inspired Art
10 mins
Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired 3D Build
11 mins
Collagraph Prints
13 mins
Daily Routine Observations Project
10 mins
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