Pre-k Creative Explorations - Collection 2 by Roots + Wings

Pre-k Creative Explorations - Collection 2

Inspired art and design experiences for our elementary age makers!  Our collections include:
  • 20 engaging instructional videos by our amazing instructors (videos are under 10 min, but lead your child to hours of creating OFF screen)
  • Two of our weekly LIVE classes
  • A Creative Kit mailed right to your door  
We cannot wait to see what will be discovered, invented, created and shared!  Scroll down for more!
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Our Pre-k Creative Explorations FUN 5 Packs!  These are smaller collections of 5 videos (pulled from our collection of 20 above) if that feels like a better option for your family!   
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Each video comes with a list of what materials we will be exploring with...

What's included? Along with the videos and kit, our LIVE Zoom calls will be on Wednesdays at 11:30am - subscribers will receive a coupon to register and join in LIVE!

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Daily videos for makers 6 and younger: each video lists materials we will be using!

READ ME! WELCOME! Jump right into our Creative Explorations AND let us know where to send your Creativity Kit!
Illustrated Rhyme Books
7 mins
Hidden Jungle Palaces
7 mins
Paper Flowers Bloom
8 mins
Koinobori Wind Sock Kites
8 mins
Paper Zoo
9 mins
Ellsworth Kelly Line Contour Plant Drawings
10 mins
Haniwa Sculptures
6 mins
Recycled Printmaking
14 mins
Northern Song Dynasty Landscape Paintings
14 mins
Earth Day Recycled Mobile
9 mins
Pool Perspective Pictures
11 mins
Compassionate Self Portraits
5 mins
Mindful Mosaics
5 mins
Picasso Face Masks Abstractions
10 mins
Endangered Animal Habitat
7 mins
Basquiat-inspired Self Portraits
7 mins
Romare Bearden Collage
9 mins
Anything But A Paintbrush
4 mins
Paul Klee Waterworld Adventures
6 mins
Chihuly Inspired Sculpture
6 mins
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