Summer 2020 Virtual Creativity Camps

Join us from your home EACH WEEK OF SUMMER for our unique and awesome art and design creativity camps!  These camps have a LIVE call each day with all campers as well as our amazingly creative content offering hours of explorations!
If you have siblings - just grab an extra kit!  If you have cousins or friends that live in other cities - do the camps together and share your cool creations with each other!


Summer Virtual Camps include...

Specialized CREATIVITY KIT full of awesomeness! Our camp kits are packed with even more materials specific to each camp (we can mail it to you OR you can come pick it up at our R+W Creative Campus in Asheville)  

Over 10+ projects/hours of hands on creative explorations that stem from our 2 videos each day.  Remember! These videos are less than 10 minutes and teach about a process / concept, then launch kiddos to create for hours!

LIVE calls - These are optional calls once each day of camp that offer fun ways to connect with fellow campers and our super star instructors.  We will be in touch about call times.

Access to BOTH Brainstorm Ideas Collections to use anytime!!! 

Take a peek at a daily LIVE call!

It's a super fun - optional - way to connect with other students and share!  ALSO - you will find a sample video for each camp offering - so you can take a peek before purchasing!

Our unique approach...

Because we know many parents (and kids) are overdosed with screen time, our online content offerings are not hours of videos and screen time.  Each camp offers a thematic week of creativity that is completely hands on!
You are going to love the materials, the videos, the extra challenges, the live calls - ALL OF IT!

The following camps are NOW Available 'At your own pace' ($72) - You may register and take part at ANY time!

Ages 3-6

Fairy Tail Magic and Wonderlands
Helicopters, Blimps, Things that Fly
Magnificent Masks, Hats and Portraits
Colors, Colors, Colors
Brave Creatures of Snowy Lands
Captivating Cities and Wee Worlds
Fabulous Puppets and Amazing Stories
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Grades 1-5

Myths, Manuscripts and LivelyLegends
Magical Movie Making
Ingenious Inventions and Creative Constructions
Worldly Explorations and Discoveries of Nature
Art Heroes, Visionaries, Virtuosos and Colossal Creators
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Age 3-Grade 5

Mixed Media
Nature Construction Explorations
Water + Color
Sketch + Draw
Paper + Tape

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TWEEN / TEEN Design Studios, Age 10+

See and Tell - Storyboards + Moviemaking
52 Days of Summer
(coming soon:  Art About it - Creative Journaling + Book Explorations)

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Week 6: July 13 - 17

Ages 3-6: Animal Prints, Wild Roars and Jungle Sounds

Our animal explorations will stem from how they distinguish themselves through sound, color and pattern. We will be inspired as we invent our own creatures of the jungle and quite possibly new lands we never knew existed! 

Grades 1-5: Stupendous Stitching and Silly Sewing

Grab your thread as we stitch our way through this week. We will have so much fun exploring simple methods with both paper and fabric, creating books, drawings, quilts, collages and more all using sewing techniques. 

Week 7: July 20 - 24

Ages 3-6: Painting Peaches, Watercolor Watermelons and Sketching Salsa

Are you hungry for some art making? This week we will be using food as art and as inspirations for art. We will experiment with various techniques along with our drawings, paintings, collages and prints! No doubt we will be full of creations by the end!

Grades 1-5: Backpacking Jungles, Caves and Sky-high Homes

Look up, down and straight ahead as we venture into lands above, below and on the surface of our earth. We will learn about drawing plans and sections of spaces, envisioning existing and fictionalized dwellings on all planes of our land. We will draw, paint, collage and more. 

Teen Design Studio: Art About it - Creative Journaling + Book Explorations

Grades 6 - 9
Join us as we explore using your voice through art in journaling and books. We will be working with both 2D and 3D techniques to design unique journals and altered books that inspire words to flow freely and easily. There is no end to the possibilities.

Week 8: July 27 - 31

Ages 3-6: Marvelous Collaborations of the Natural World

Join us as we discover the awesome wonders of nature through art and design! We will create works of art inspired by and using the palette of our outside world.  Making our own tools, colors, and textures; we will draw, paint, print and more! 

Grades 1-5: Altruistic Art and Do-good Design

Gather your amazing selves and join us for this fun camp full of selfless love through art and design. We will learn about amazing artists inspiring people around the world and create our own masterpieces that will bring delight and goodness to all. 

Afternoon PLAY: Lost + Found Sculpture

Age 3 - Grade 5
Our afternoon camp options follow themes of different artistic mediums or materials.  This week we will have fun with found objects, recycling, and more!  There is no end to what we will create!

Week 9: August 3 - 7

Ages 3-6: Gentle Giants and Microscopic Critters

Don’t miss this camp full of both the biggest and smallest of the animal kingdom. We will work on grand scales and miniatures using drawing, painting and other mixed media techniques. Who knows what will be discovered! 

Grades 1-5: Dreams, Designs and Mandalas

Glide into this week as we let our dreams take the form of colors, shapes and designs. We will use all types of mediums and techniques to explore the world of design - including radial forms like mandalas. 

Afternoon PLAY: Art to Mail

Age 3 - Grade 5
Our afternoon camp options follow themes of different artistic mediums or materials.  This week we will be creating all kinds of cool art that we can send to others through the mail. We will explore all kinds of art and design mediums!

Teen Design Studio: Tell + Listen: Podcasting / Sounds Stories

Grades 6 - 9
Gather all of you best words and listening ears as we learn about the art of the podcast and stories inspired purely by sound. Tips and techniques will be explored as we create together and individually both telling and listening to the stories that must be told. 

Week 10: August 10 - 14

Ages 3-6: Neighborhood Helpers + People We Love

Join us for a week full of love for those people and places in our lives that nurture and support us. We will create art inspired by members of our community that help make everyone’s day run smoothly: the grocery store, post office, gas station, schools, etc.  We will share love with those closest to us as we design gifts and cards to share. 

Grades 1-5: The Magic of Water

Join us for a magical week of all things water. We will explore the attributes of water, how it impacts our world, how we use it through various art and design techniques. We will draw, paint, print, and experiment with even more! 

Afternoon PLAY: Texture + Pattern

Our afternoon camp options follow themes of different artistic mediums or materials.  This week we will dive into all kinds of curious materials to explore texture and pattern!
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